Contemporary Addition - CHF headquarters
CHF headquarters

Contemporary Addition

The Chemical Heritage Foundation headquarters is prominently located across from Independence National Historic Park. When adding a conference facility for 300 attendees, we chose to contrast it with the 1860’s historic portion of their building, and by doing so, represent the forward-looking aspect of their mission. The addition was the first building in Philadelphia to feature a zinc clad façade.

CHF headquarters

Layered Space

The meeting suite was designed to be experienced as a focused central meeting space, surrounded by a “beyond” of evocative edge spaces that activate the center. The west aisle in particular has become home to showcasing the accomplishments of pioneers in various branches of the chemical sciences.

Layered Space - CHF headquarters
Places for people - CHF headquarters
CHF headquarters

Places for People

Approximately half of CHF’s 100,000 sq. ft. of space is devoted to the activities of people – staff, scholars, and visitors. Ed Barnhart has worked as principal-in-charge for six projects since 2000, including the Ullyot Meeting suites, office renovations, workrooms, conference rooms and event spaces.

CHF headquarters

Places for Things

Collections take up the remaining 50,000 sq. ft. of space in the main building at 315 Chestnut Street. In addition to authoring the master plan for the museum, Ed Barnhart has designed renovations for storage and display of books, manuscripts, digital media, scientific instruments, and artwork housed by the Foundation.

Places for things - CHF headquarters


PROJECT:Addition and renovations to the Chemical Heritage Foundation headquartersLOCATION:Philadelphia, PAARCHITECT:Purdy O’Gywnn Barnhart Architects; Ed Barnhart, principal-in-charge