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BEFORE being built

Digital Renderings

Whether you’re creating a building in an open field or a congested urban neighborhood it’s crucial to understand and fine-tune design ideas before they are set in concrete. Digital “models” offer the most versatile means of rendering the appearance of a building or space. AxD has provided renderings, ranging from schematic aerial views to photo-realistic interiors.

BEFORE being built

Physical Models

We still often build physical models for projects. They are particularly helpful for spaces of unusual proportions – which become excessively distorted by illustrations. Also, while a digital model is excellent for studying shadows, the diffusion and quality of lighting in a space is best understood with physical models.

Physical Models - Always by Design - Philadelphia Architect
Sample this - BEFORE being built
BEFORE being built

Sample This

Another service we frequently provide is obtaining actual samples of materials, products and finishes. As anyone can attest who has made online purchases – not every quality of an item can be effectively conveyed by photography. In many cases the success of a detail or product rests in its having been experienced and evaluated firsthand before final selection.


PROJECT:Explanatory models and renderings of various projects prior to constructionLOCATION:Various project locations in Maine, New York and PennsylvaniaARCHITECT:Ed Barnhart, principal designer